How to Be Optimistic During Challenges | Brian Tracy - Deepstash
How to Be Optimistic During Challenges | Brian Tracy

How to Be Optimistic During Challenges | Brian Tracy

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Control your Reaction and Responses

Control your Reaction and Responses

Optimist sees an unfortunate event, something that is limited in time.

pessimist, on the other hand, sees negative events as permanent, as part of life and destiny.

( So, when you find yourself in this situation, take a moment to really reflect on the challenge before you react.)

Try to visualize the next step towards improvement rather than responding to the setbacks that you have no control over.


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Isolate the Incident

Isolate the Incident

An optimist, looks at the event as an isolated incident largely disconnected from other things that are going on in their life.

A pessimist will take the incident and add it to a laundry list of other things going on in their life.

So, to remain positive, try to remind yourself that just because you are facing a setback in one area – whether that be a project at work falling behind or not hitting a milestone set – does not mean that the entire goal is obsolete.

You may simply need to modify your plan.


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View setbacks as temporary events

View setbacks as temporary events

If you find yourself in this situation take a moment to remind yourself, you are always capable of making change and nothing is set in stone.

A glass half full mentality leads an optimist to believe that something better is coming, giving them something to work for.


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Don't take failure personally

Don't take failure personally

Remember that the inevitable setbacks that you face are temporary, specific, and external.

View the negative situation as a single event that is not connected to other potential events and that is caused largely by external factors over which you can have little control.

Simply refuse to see the event as being in any way permanent, pervasive, or indicative of personal incompetence or inability.


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Remain Calm and Objective

Remain Calm and Objective

An individual who is truly an optimist has the ability to be both objective and unemotional when caught up in the inevitable storms of daily life.

This person has the ability to continue talking to themself in a positive and optimistic way no matter what is happening in their life.

If you feel overwhelmed or like your blood is boiling, practice being calm in these situations. Although easier said than done, staying calm and thinking positively can change your life .


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