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Lose Weight Now

Step 1: Forget what you’ve learned. You may have heard that you need to exercise more and eat less. There are so many different factors that go into losing weight. A calorie is not just a calorie. For instance, sugar calories work differently on you than vegetable and protein calories. Consume too much sugar and it all turns to fat. And the diet foods that many of us turn to are full of sugar! Get rid of the diet mentality. Instead, think about how you feel after consuming the calories.



Step 2: Slow Down

The brain does not instantly register when your stomach is full. It takes your brain 20 minutes to send you that signal and for you to get that comfortably full feeling. That means that you need to slow your eating down. Even if you are making healthy choices with your foods, you still need to slow down. Only you can know what is the right amount for your unique body. But you must take the time to slow down and listen to it.


Step 3: Stress-less

Stress has a huge impact on weight. It causes weight gain, especially in the belly area. Eating when under stress, your body cannot properly digest food & it will be stored as fat, no matter how healthy the meal. Stress turns off digestion. You can trick the brain into thinking you are relaxed & your body will turn on digestion & not store the meal as fat. It’s as easy as breathing! Before eating, breathe in for a count of 5, hold that breath for a count of 5 and then exhale for 7-do ten times.



All those foods labeled low-fat & fat-free have added sugar, and, because that diet food tastes so good you keep buying it thinking it will help you to lose weight. Yet, you still struggle and you may have actually gained weight. All of this hidden sugar you are consuming is the culprit. It is the sugar that makes you add on the pounds. Check out the label on your fat-free foods and you’ll be surprised at the amount of sugar that is in it. So eat the full-fat version.


Step 5: Eat Breakfast

It sets you up for weight loss success the rest of the day. Breakfast should be your second largest meal, not the smallest, and you need to eat a high protein breakfast. Eating breakfast within an hour of waking stokes the fire of your metabolism. Your body will become a fat burning machine! If your breakfast is usually a high carbohydrate such as cereal, bagels, & donuts, switch it to a high protein breakfast such as eggs, steel cut oats, Greek yogurt, or a high protein meal replacement shake.


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