1. Start with a purpose

Endeavor to start your every day with a purpose, believe you woke up alive for a purpose, you woke up for something significant. Know that you are alive to make certain things come to life. This is an integral part of making your day blissful. 


How to make the most of your everyday amazing.


2. Plan your day the previous night

Before you start a new day, plan it the previous night, write down on paper what you would love to achieve the next day, you could make it more unique by including the time you would love to achieve each of the goals and the time to stop. Planning makes you concentrate on a particular aspect, to avoid your day being vague.


3. Write a journal of previous achievement

Write all you have achieved and done so far, how you achieved them, how much it took, and the way you felt when you achieved it. Look at it every morning and have in mind that if you could do this in the past, you could do more in the present. This is absolutely helpful. 


4. Say a prayer

Thank your creator for guiding you up to the next day, and pray for the fulfillment of the new day. Begin your life with a spiritual guide.


5. Listen to good music

Yes, this will help you get relaxed and feel happy. It helps in your concentration and uplifts you. Especially your favorite music. Listening to a song is a way to begin your day. 


6. Get Sunlight

Take a walkout and get sufficient sunlight (Vitamin D), this activates a hormone called Serotonin responsible for happiness. It helps in boosting your mood and in helping you feel calm and focused This is a sure natural way to make your day amazing. So every morning don't forget to get some sunlight.


7. Meditate

This will guarantee you mental alertness and increase your concentration. You could perform yoga or stay in your room, close your eyes and forget all worries and free your mind for at least 30 minutes. This would go along way.


8. Read a Book

Get a book that would motivate you and make you learn new ideas. Read something of your taste that would boost your mood once you read it. You could head to a library and get books that would admonish you positively. You need knowledge.



9. Exercise

This vital for your body. You have got to get in shape, get your blood vessels pumping, and burn calories. You could perform a home workout using a home workout app, or you could head to the gym. Every morning, immediately you get up from your bed, a few squats and push-ups would be a sure way to start your day. Exercise is good for you.


10. Take a Shower

Taking a shower early in the morning is highly vital and has good benefits to your body. Mostly it calms your body. Also, taking a shower whenever you’re stressed out or after a workout is a sure way to relax and relieve your muscles. You could go swimming if you prefer it to a shower. Cooling your body after stress and a workout is sure worth it. So make sure you do take showers.


11. Take fruits more and junk foods less

Fruits are a sure way of providing the body with vitamins and minerals. It is good for your body and has positive effects, rather than junk foods. So endeavor to fill your day with much intake of fruits, and cut the intake of junk foods. A healthy diet would surely make your day amazing.


12. Learn Something New

You could learn a few tips online, such as how to bake a cake, perhaps, learn a new recipe. Learning something new you love boosts your mood, especially learning how to make something you love and purchase every day. Learning should never stop.



13. Play a Sport

You could go out with a couple of friends in the evening to go play table tennis, volleyball, football, or even go on skydiving. This helps to increase your mental alertness and helps your response. It sure boosts your mood. All work without play makes Jack a dull boy.


14. Visit a Friend

Going out to see a friend or a family relation could be a sure way to make your day. You use such an opportunity to have a nice conversation together and also share ideas, thereby learning something new. Remember to visit positive and funny friends.


15. Read a Newspaper or Magazine

This will help you to be more informed and updated in terms of certain subjects and issues being faced in society. This will boost your confidence when discussing such issues. You need to be self-confident around people.


16. Learn the lyrics of a song

You could search for the lyrics of your favorite trending song, and learn the lyrics of the song, then sing it on your own off-hand. This would probably make your day amazing, as you get to know how to sing fluently.


17. Watch a Movie

You could go to the theater, or go to Showmax and search for a trending movie and watch. This would be a sure way to make your day amazing, as you get to connect with the world.


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