1. Cultivate optimism

Being positive can often be seen as naivety. In actuality, optimism increases job performance, creativity, ability to weather stress & self esteem. Optimism can be used in how you talk to yourself in the face of adversity, explain past events & think about the future. Cultivating your ability to be optimistic is beneficial to your health & your success.


8 Strategies to Improve Your Quality of Life


2. Be present

Take a deep breath. This is the here and now. Stop ruminating over the past or worrying about the future for a moment. Tell the voices in your head to be silent. If you’re washing the dishes, wash the dishes. If you’re writing a blog post, write the blog post. It’s harder than is sounds, but worth practicing every day.


3. Clarify

When you are clear on what is important to you, there comes an incredible sense of freedom. You no longer live in a world of social comparison. You are running your own race. Goals, big decisions & small habits are surmountable & invigorating because you have a clear picture of what you want your life to stand for. Spend some quality time with people.


4. Give out

Mentor, contribute, practice random acts of kindness, express gratitude. Make a loan, give your time, be fully present for your family, change the world. There are a million ways to give of yourself. It’s one of the most positive equations in the world: You give of your time or resources, which improves someone’s quality of life, which makes you feel needed & valuable, which in turn improves your quality of life.


5. Connect

We are social beings. We crave connections to others individually, to our communities, to our world. Pay special attention to your family, your lover, your adored friends, your colleagues & your neighbors. Explore & strengthen your connection to a Higher Power. Genuine curiosity & kindness are an amazing way to foster connections, new & old.


6. Find Flow

Flow is being in the groove, totally engaged in your present activity, challenged but succeeding with clear goals & feedback. It’s a glorious state to be in. For some it’s gardening, writing, cooking dinner with your partner, intense conversation, or crunching numbers. Or as Bruce Lee said "Be water, my friend."


7. Celebrate

We need play & whimsy in our lives. A healthy dose of joi de vivre fuels your creativity & feeds your spirit. Celebrating is a wonderful way to share love with others & incorporate more play in our lives.Celebrate with traditions, with heartfelt compliments, with notes in lunchboxes, with surprises, with big evenings out, or with cozy evenings in.


8. Love yourself

Your body is the vehicle that carries you through your life. Love yourself by treating your body with respect & care. Fuel it well with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains & lean protein. Move it daily. Don’t smoke, don’t abuse alcohol. Meditate. Help yourself age well by staying flexible, protecting your skin from sun & exercising your mind. Sleep well. Beware the ease in which you critique yourself & indulge in praise instead.


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