Pain Vs Suffering - Deepstash

Growth begins at the end of comfort zone. And outside the comfort zone, there is only pain and sacrifices. So, accepting the pain in all walks of our lives should become the core potential of every individual.

We all have faced the times, when you feel that life is throwing you into bad circumstances, and you know that there is no other possible way to handle it, except living by it. This is when, life is trying to test you. Just accept the situations as they are, feel the pain to the core, vent out your emotions, shout, cry and relax. Then make yourself ready to face everything that is in front of you.

This suggestion is easy to be said than done. But, this is what makes a person stronger from in and out. Escaping from such scenarios only creates more suffering and long term pain. The person who wins is the person who takes the step forward despite the troubles associated.


Embracing the pain, promotes growth. Fighting it, creates suffering.


The hard part of life is when you see yourself going through pain and the joyful part of life is when you see yourself defeating it.

To get what you want in life, make yourself ready to face the pain along the way. Nothing can defeat a person who stays strong at the hard times.


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