17 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Anime In 7 Minutes - Deepstash
17 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Anime In 7 Minutes

17 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Anime In 7 Minutes


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17 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Anime In 7 Minutes

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What Anime Has To Say

It’s no exaggeration to say anime has taught us more about life than school ever will. Like the importance of setting goals, and following your own path.

The most you learn in school is how to count numbers, subtract, add and multiply.

But anime will teach you things no school will dare to teach. Because it’s not within their best interests.


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1. Your time is limited, so start working on your goals TODAY

You’re human so it means you’re not invincible.

People die everyday, and someday we’re going to die too. So start working on AND thinking about what you want to accomplish. Or you might regret it later.


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2. Kindness starts with making a decision

How many people use their “pain” as an excuse to hurt others?

Just because you’re “life is hard” doesn’t mean it’s OK to inflict your pain onto others, just to make yourself feel better. Instead – choose to be kind. Either way it all starts with a decision, and kindness will almost always make you feel better than the alternative.


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3. The world is a cruel place full of cruel people

Pranks. Bullying. Making fun of others to make yourself feel better… Yes, people like this do exist.

And not only do they exist – there are MANY people who get a kick out of hurting others. Because they themselves have shitty lives and aren’t willing to take responsibility for their own bullshit.


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4. Being alive is a miracle that most of us take for granted

Child soldiers. War. Death from starvation. Knife crime. Shootings. Terrorism. Racially-motivated murder. Disease…

Do you realize how often these things happen on a daily basis? And do you realize how many people DIE as a result of these circumstances and issues?

If you’re alive, and you have your arms and legs, and you’re healthy, what guts have you got to complain about really?


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5. It’s better to apologize even if you’re not at fault, than it is to argue just to prove a point

Tanaka makes a good point. People LOVE to argue just because they don’t wanna hurt their pride by giving up.

Reality check: Your pride doesn’t mean shit.

Is it really worth losing friends and family over HOW you feel about something? Arguing for arguments sake is just stupid.


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6. Making excuses is a waste of energy

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, what you’re going through, or how unfair things have been. Because after all is said and done – the person making your decisions… is yourself.

Better to take responsibility than it is to complain about something you’ve decided to do nothing about.


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7. Everybody has a dark side, given the right circumstances

We start out pure when we’re babies. Then along the way we’re influenced by the world, for better or for worse.

And if put in the wrong situation, even the purest person will reveal a darker side hidden under the surface.

Guns are the perfect example of this.


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8. Being alone isn’t a bad thing

Society is full of sheep. So it’s no surprise why so many of the herd associate “being alone” with “being a loser” or anything related.

Like a lot of things, people confuse being alone with being lonely.

Being alone is a physical state. You’re by yourself, and nothing more. But being lonely is an emotional state, causing you to feel unhappy because you’re by yourself.


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9. Being alone is better than being with the wrong person

Staying with the wrong friend, or being in the wrong relationship is WORSE than being alone. Because then you’re doing something that makes you unhappy in the name of pride.

I don’t know about you, but being alone and happy is better than being unhappy and being around people who don’t give a damn about you.


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10. People judge you by your actions, not your intentions

You might intend to do the right thing. Your intentions can even be pure. But if your actions contradict your intentions, it doesn’t matter. Because that’s how you’ll be judged.

Whether that’s fair or not is irrelevant.

That’s why the saying: “actions speak louder than words” is true, even if it’s a little corny.


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11. How you treat others says more about YOU than it does about them

Bullying others, or trying to tear down what they’ve built just proves you’re weak, fragile, insecure and nothing but a coward.

In the same way – being nice to others makes you more trustworthy and respectable.

How we treat others is a tell-tale sign of how we feel on the inside for better or for worse.


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12. Success is a state of mind

The difference between a person who succeeds, and a person who fails, is how they think.

Imagine you’re in a 100 meter race with 5 people. You’re all equally talented, healthy, and fit enough to run a 100 meter sprint. Despite these facts, only ONE person will be declared the winner.

Why is that? Because along the way, some will say: “there’s no way I’m going to win, so I may as well quit while I can”. But the winner will say: “I’ll succeed no matter what it takes”.


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13. Self pity is the enemy to happiness

Self pity, like most things, is a habit formed over time. The more you pity yourself, the more horrible you’ll begin to feel. Until it literally becomes your own worst nightmare.


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14. The world can’t be changed with pretty words alone

Talk is cheap as they say. And in this case it’s true.

Talking a big game, and giving a motivational speech is all great… But if you don’t take action and actually do something, it’s meaningless.

Change starts with action.


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15. You can’t sit around envying others

The Kardashians. Celebrity gossip. Being jealous of people who are doing “better”. Or even stressing about your so called “competition”.

All these things just make you weak. They crush your resolve, and hinder you from changing your own life. Because you’re too busy sticking your nose in others lives.

At some point you have to ask – what about me? And then get started.


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16. Rules aren’t made for us, they’re made for the people who created it

We are rebellious and hate the thought of living by the so called rules. Which is why some enjoy bending and breaking them.

And besides – abiding by the rules is not just easy, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be useful, happy or accomplished.


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17. How you perceive someone is their true identity

This is a harsh truth.

Sometimes on the surface it’s impossible to know someone’s true intentions. So all you can do is trust and believe what you see is who they really are. Until proven otherwise.

Perception does create reality after all, even if what we perceive is a false assumption. Or simply not true.


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What’s your biggest life lesson learned from an anime?


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I have been watching anime for 16 years and have watched tons of them. They aren't just animation meant only to entertain ourselves in our pastimes, they also carry important life lessons with deep meanings which are essential for both the younger and older audience. I have shared some of my most favourite quotes alongwith the main article so that everyone can get a taste of the huge anime community and how much one can learn from it.