We’ve been doubling the amount of people in our product engineering over the past few years, and you just can’t do the same things you used to do.


How to Build Culture in a Remote Team and Scale


The pace at which you’re doubling in size basically means that every six months you are planning for another organization. The flipside of that is that we now don’t have any plans that will work for the company six months from now either.


We use Slack for communication. There is a lot of communication there but over time realized, especially for more technical matters, that it’s not a very good design decision tracking tool.

We started putting some processes and tools in place to help with that. For example, there’s a very good set of blog posts from Juan Pablo Buriticá, who is VP of Engineering at Splice, about using RFCs internally within your companies – similar to what you’d in an open source model – to model design decisions and keep traceability - DAMIAN SCHENKLEMAN


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