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ELC Podcast - Leadership Principles for Remote (and All) Teams

ELC Podcast - Leadership Principles for Remote (and All) Teams

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Micromanaging is not managing

Jason Warner: So in a super blunt and rather, uh, stark sort of way, I think anyone who is a micromanager actually does not know how to do their job fully.

If you don't know how to scale yourself, your decision-making processes, whatever. You tend to micromanage because you think the only way I can get this done is "If I go do this myself."


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What is the team thinking about?

Jason Warner: The easiest way to know that there's mistrust happening is largely that you're hearing things FROM others ABOUT others. If that makes any sense?

"Great minds talk about ideas, small minds, average minds talk about events and small minds talk about people." - Eleanor Roosevelt

If your organization is talking about the ideas of your organization, I think you've got as healthy an organization you've ever possibly hoped for.


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Build trust with canaries

How do you go about finding your canaries, those that give you unfiltered feedback?

Jason Warner: So I think it all starts with you as a leader. If people feel that you are two or three different people. You know, one person in public, one person in private, one person with your execs or whatever. That'll over time, erode that trust. So don't. Be an authentic person and approach people in a human to human sort of way.

My biggest fear is that I've got blind spots as a leader. Because I know that as I progress in my career as I have more responsibility or as my teams grow, people are going to filter information to me.


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