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The Productivity Guide: My Best Productivity and Time-Management Tips

The Productivity Guide: My Best Productivity and Time-Management Tips

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Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

You may have found that at certain times in the day you have more energy to complete certain tasks. Or maybe you just feel more motivated to do it. 

So pay attention to when those times are and manage the tasks you complete around your energy, not your time. 


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Plan the Night Before

Plan the Night Before

If you have one important task you need to do the next day, try planning an outline for it. Think of all its separate components and take 10-15 minutes to get a well-planned outline. 

This reduces the time you spend the next day thinking about how to approach it. 


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Have a Pre-Game Routine

Have a Pre-Game Routine

Train yourself to try and implement something you do every time before you start work. That may be having a coffee, taking a shower, or meditating. 

By doing this, you create a good habit in your brain. Allowing your brain to understand your pre-work routine as a cue to start preparing itself for work.


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