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The Power of Storytelling

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The Power of Storytelling

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Optimizing your environment for a calmer mind

  1. Surround yourself with nature. Nature makes us feel good and improves our health. It helps as a buffer against the stress we deal with on a daily basis. If nature is inaccessible, looking at photos of nature helps, as well as listening to birds and rain.
  2. Create opportunities for awe. It gives us the feeling of ceding control of our inner voice. We are less self-focused.
  3. Declutter. When we see the order in our environment it gives us a comforting feeling because it makes life easier to navigate.


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3 main ways we can turn down the chatter in our heads

  1. Shifting our perspective
  2. Talking to others to get support; and
  3. Changing the environment around us

The first two work in moments of distress and allow us to make smarter choices, while the third is something that we can proactively do. How we think and how we feel are embedded in our physical spaces.


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The voice inside our heads

According to the psychologist, Ethan Kross, one of the biggest contributors to our happiness is the voice inside our heads. Our inner voice analyzes every situation we're in, reflects on the past and the possible future, and plays a part in telling us who we are.

Our own voices can either bring us down and ruminate on negative emotions or otherwise.


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