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If Self-Discipline Feels Difficult, Then You're Doing It Wrong

If Self-Discipline Feels Difficult, Then You're Doing It Wrong

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Self-Discipline AND Willpower

Self-Discipline AND Willpower

Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve tried to change your behavior through sheer willpower. And chances are, you also failed miserably. Don’t feel bad! This is what happens most of the time. 


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The Scary Truth about Self-Discipline

If we see someone who wakes up at 5 AM every day, eats an avocado-chia smoothie each meal, snorts brussel sprout flakes, and works out for three hours before even wiping their ass in the morning, we assume they’re achieving this through straight-up self-abuse—that there is some insatiable inner demon driving them like a slave to do everything right.

But this isn’t true. Because, if you actually know anybody like this, you’ll notice something really frightening about them: they actually enjoy it.


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How to Approach Self-Discipline

Rather than depending on sheer willpower to be disciplined. You should find out the reason why you are not being disciplined. An example could be like this: you are overeating because you are sad, find out the reason why you are sad.


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Practical Tips

Practical Tips

After finding out the reason of your sadness or whatever that is causing you to not be disciplined. Follow these steps:

  1. Address it
  2. Write it down
  3. Accept it
  4. Then, work despite it

And, then, suddenly, self-discipline will become easier, because you will feel good about taking care of yourself.


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Student, Debater, Public Speaker & a Self-help Enthusiast.

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