Why Twitter's Character Count is a Good Thing - Marketo - Deepstash
1. Marketers need to be agile
  1. A short character count allows marketers to be quick and nimble to react to real-time activities.
  2. Marketers have adapted to become fast-reacting engines, churning out content within seconds.
  3. Gone are the days when social media messages need to be planned out days or weeks in advance.
  4. With Twitter’s character limit, marketers react quickly to current events and trends and tweet on-the-spot.


2. Marketers need to make every word count
  1. Twitter forces us to tell our stories well. This means we have to cut out all the “fluff” and get right to the point.
  2. There’s no time and certainly there’s no room for rambling.
  3. Also, with a shorter character limit there’s less room for errors.
  4. Marketers have learned to become quick, effective communicators, identifying the main point of the message and how to get that across in interesting ways.
  5. Marketers are also excellent curators - cut down a chunk of “necessary” information.


3. Marketers can achieve higher engagement
  1. Many people use Twitter because it’s an avenue for them to read and share quickly.
  2. By posting short tidbits of information, people don’t need to put too much thought behind deciphering your message.
  3. Your content is clear and concise, and thus easily digestible, sharable, and ultimately more engaging.
  4. Buddy Media reports that tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17% higher engagement rate.
  5. And if you add a hashtag or graphic to it, it becomes even more engaging.


4. Marketers can vary their social media strategy
  1. The unique differentiators of social media platforms help you define and test your content strategies.
  2. Each platforms’ advantages and limitations help you determine what you should post on each one.
  3. How would you determine what to post on which channel? Essentially, you could post the same exact copy to each, but would this be effective?
  4. Your followers could be following you on multiple channels and posting the same content across channels is redundant, not to mention annoying.
  5. Instead, leveraging each channel’s strengths allows you to target the appropriate audience with the right type and length of content.


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