Prince Harry Nails Why You Shouldn't Say 'You Need Help' To Someone Struggling - Deepstash
Prince Harry Nails Why You Shouldn't Say 'You Need Help' To Someone Struggling

Prince Harry Nails Why You Shouldn't Say 'You Need Help' To Someone Struggling

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Don't tell people directly they need help

Don't tell people directly they need help

In discussing the fear of sharing past traumas or mental health difficulties with others, Prince Harry pointed out that the phrase "you need help" is damaging. It implies that you don't know how to deal with issues and should seek help as you are incapable of personal care.

If you tell somebody to their face that they need help, it may drive them to deny that they need help.


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Mental health: Social support is vital

People living with mental health conditions need professional and social support. Loved ones play a vital role in our mental health. Studies found poor social support leads to worse symptoms and recovery.

There are many cases in which a person might say "you need help" that is valid. Although it may be well-intentioned, there are better ways to make that statement sound more caring and supportive.


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How to say "you need help"

  • Ask an open-ended question that acknowledges mental health issues. "This pandemic has been hard on me mentally, what has it been like for you?"
  • Say, "I noticed , and I wanted to check in." Don't make them look bad, but compassionately raise your concerns.
  • Ask them how they want you to check in. It is important to check in on their terms. Do they prefer a text? What kind of questions help them open up? Would they prefer some distraction?
  • Offer to search for a professional with them.


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"The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness." - Schopenhauer

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