The Link Between Food And Love
  • There is a complex hormonal reaction that affects those who are in love, and also their food choice.
  • Even early on in a romantic relationship, food plays an important role, as one can cook for their partner or buy them a fancy dinner.
  • The quality of the food and how it is presented is crucial as it affects the quality of the relationship.
  • New research points towards a ‘reward hormone’ called norepinephrine that shoots up in new romantic relationships, increasing the feeling of euphoria, while also suppressing appetite.



How Food And Relationships Are Linked In The Brain

  • A study showed that married women are more likely to become obese, due to more food intake.
  • Once a person settles down, they are less likely to stay in shape and work towards looking their best, as there is no competition in the dating field.
  • Couples spend more time on the couch having food, leading to weight gain.


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