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Power of People: Why Being in a Crowd Feels Good

Power of People: Why Being in a Crowd Feels Good

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Being In A Crowd

  • Humans are a social species, designed to feel a heightened sense of physical arousal when around others.
  • Being in a crowd has many psychological and social benefits, even if all the people are complete strangers.


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Social Facilitation

The presence of other people can increase the intensity and focus of our own behaviour, and also facilitate certain manners.

Many behavioural studies show that people act differently when around others, showing an increase in efficiency and focus. The crowd provides a cue of the required behaviour to the person unsure of what to do. Example: Watching a movie in a packed theater often has the crowd laughing, providing us information about acting the same way.


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Crowds: Learning And Experiencing

  • Crowds can influence learning, as certain behaviour (emotional and physical) is contagious.
  • Crowds can make certain experiences richer, like being in a packed stadium watching a game, or going to a rock concert. The experience becomes much more enjoyable and exciting.
  • Crowds provide a sense of security, as being in the presence of a lot of strangers, like in a crowded marketplace, makes one relaxed and alert at the same time.


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