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5 positive effects music has on your mental health

5 positive effects music has on your mental health



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Elevate your mood and motivation

A strong mental wellbeing is closely aligned with optimistic and positive feelings.

The bright musical tones and lyrics will change or elevate your mood and empower you for the day ahead.

Up-tempo, fast-paced music gets your brain an...

Reduce stress

Whether playing in the background or you’re giving it your full attention, certain genres of music have the innate ability to reduce stress.

Soft, ambient music provides calming stimulation for the mind. In this case, best avoid loud rock or metal ...

Improve focus

Trying to stay focussed and concentrate on an activity—whether that be studying, working or cleaning—can be difficult for some.

Certain types of music are known to boost focus, so it’s important to know which music is right for improving focus.

We recommend listening to instru...

Help relaxation

Playing music is a simple way of promoting relaxation as it releases tension in your muscles, carrying away any stress or anxiety.

When your muscles are loose, so is your mind.

Listening to music as you drift off to sleep is also an effective way of relaxing and reduc...

Reduce anxiety and depression

Understanding how music affects your emotions goes a long way to help ease anxious and depressive thoughts.

Music Therapy has become a popular form of treating anxiety and depression.

It’s an exercise in listening and composing therapeutic music to promote physical an...

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