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Attitude Is Everything


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Attitude Is Everything

by Jeff Keller

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Jeff keller

ong>“You see, when you change your attitude, sparks fly in the universe. You’re energized. You begin to see new possibilities. You move into action. You achieve extraordinary results. That’s why I say when you change your attitude, you change your life!”


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1. Focus more on positives

Your attitude towards your life & other people around you is your window to the world. Your attitude & way of thinking will impact your outcomes. Thus, try to have a positive attitude towards yourself as well as others.


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2. Importance of visualizing your success

If you're not winning in your head, you cannot win in the world. It is important to create scenarios in your head along with every milestone towards the ultimate goal you wish to achieve


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3. Our thoughts drive our circumstances

Our beliefs brought us to to where we are today, & the way we think about things at this point will take us to where we will be in the future.


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4. Do not fear to fail

If you won't fail, you'll never learn. Stop procrastinating, get out of your comfort zone, fail as quickly and as many times possible, learn from your mistakes & figure out ways to improve them.


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Brief points from the book Attitude is everything.

Quotes can give you power to change your life.You have to bring improvements in your life because no one can do it for you.Don't gamble on the future, act now without delay