Procrastination Isn’t the Reason You Can’t Get Things Done - Deepstash
The ultimate reason for not getting “stuff” done.
  • The reason that to-do list is never completed and that never feel like getting enough done has far less to do with procrastination, than with the chronic habit of overcommitting to work, and then underestimating how long that work will take me.
  • Once you understood that trying to do too much in too little time was the real problem, that dynamic shifted.
  • Reframing your time-crunch will allow you to embrace a growth mindset, identify solutions.



Recognize your work—all of it.
  • All those moments when you're supposed to be writing, but instead get out to seat and weed the garden, or vacuum, or prep for dinner, or stand in front of the refrigerator wondering why there are no good snacks inside
  • That could be the time when you let your brain unfocus so that creative thought can flourish.
  • All of these activities activate the default mode network in the brain.
  • Letting go of guilt made it possible to go looking for solutions.



Know the power of a granular calendar
  • By using calendar as a way to create enough space for that work has made both the experience of doing it, and the end product, far better.
  • practical bookkeeping strategy will give you a real window into your perception of how long it should take to complete tasks, versus how long it actually takes.
  • know how long they take, and put them in the calendar at the high end of their range — if something could require one to two hours, budget two



The ‘small win’ strategy
  • the way we interact with money is far more about emotion than about numbers.
  • We cannot simply rely on rational strategies, especially if we are trying to get out of debt.
  • frontload your day with the tasks that will take the least amount of time so to get some small wins and momentum going.
  • It creates useful pressure and gives a sense of accomplishment that makes it easier to get more done.



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