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The Noom paradox

The Noom paradox


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Noom - a diet app

Noom is a buzzy weight loss app targeted at young people.

Noom helps you learn how to get in touch with your body and teach yourself not to crave foods that don’t nourish you. Noom's key differentiator is applying psychology to achieve long-term weight loss. But critics say Noom is a dece...

The diet culture war

The fight between Noom and its critics is part of a larger cultural war of the last decade over how we should think about food, weight, bodies, and health.

On one side is the traditional diet culture which holds that weight is a crucial indicator of health. The idea is that...

Critics insist that Noom is just another diet app

Noom celebrates No Diet Day on Instagram but in practice, it works like a classic low-calorie diet.

After registering, users are asked to set a goal weight and decide how quickly they want to lose weight. Noom will generate a daily calorie budget that users are expected to ...

At the centre of the anti-diet movement are two scientific claims.

  1. The relationship between weight and overall health is unclear. It’s possible to be a healthy fat person and an unhealthy thin person.
  2. Dieters end up gaining back all the weight they lost...

The downsides of diets

Anti-dieters argue that dieting can damage the very bodies it promises to heal.

  • Dieting slows the metabolism.
  • Frequent dieting is associated with higher mortality rates and increase the risk of death by heart disease in people with coronary artery disease.
  • It can damag...

  • Mindful eating is paying close attention to the food you eat and your body’s response to it.
  • Intuitive eating is the practice of rejecting all food rules and allowing your body to guide your eating. 
  • Health at Every Size is the movement that argues that it’s possible to live ...

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