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Diet Culture and weight loss; The reality


Diet culture is everywhere. Here's how to fight it : Life Kit

Diet culture is everywhere. Here's how to fight it : Life Kit


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Weight Loss: The Primary Goal

In 2021, half of all New Year's resolutions in the U.S. were based on fitness and nearly half were based on weight loss. We spend over 

Diet Culture: What It Is

Diet culture is that collective set of social expectations telling us that there's one way to be and one way to look and one way to eat and that we are a better person, or a more worthy person if our bodies are a certain way.

Despite all of the medical and media messaging shouting o...

BMI Is All Hogwash

The BMI(Body Mass Index) standard was never meant to measure individual health and, again, was based purely on studies of white men.

Yet despite its many flaws, the BMI is our go-to measure of health for all gende...

Thinking Beyond Weight

Access to fruits and vegetables, access to lean proteins, living in walkable neighborhoods is as important as your weight statistics.

 Our experts say you have the right to say no to getting weighed at the doctor's office. If your doctor gives you a weight-based recommendation, don't be afr...

Beauty Standards Are Not Absolute

Moving your body and eating nutrient-rich food are always a good idea, but it's important to understand how much we're motivated by our culturally accepted aesthetics. Diet culture purports that every fat person is a thin person waiting to be released and that we should fear fatness.

Shunning Weight Stigma: The Right To Be Fat

Fatphobia is harmful fiction.

  • You have the right to exist exactly as you are. You have the right to be fat.
  • In a society where thinness equals beauty, this can sound like a really subversive idea. But it's not universally so.

In addition to causing ...

Think about how diet culture makes you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror or when you're scrolling social media.

Ask yourself:

  • What is causing me to feel this way about my body right now?
  • Is my body that different from what it was yesterday? 
  • What ext...

The second level is interpersonal: How other people treat us. To spot diet culture in this realm,  listen for value judgments of food or bodies.

That could look like judgment at the gym, being lauded for avoiding some "guilty pleasure" dessert or that storyline on TV when the hero loses wei...

Examining Fatophobia: Level 3

This level is institutional, and is the ease in which you can or cannot navigate society because of your looks.

Weight discrimination is legal in 49 of 50 states and is commonplace from education to health care to the workplace.

Diet culture creates barriers to access for fat ...

Your Words Matter

Commenting on another person's body can be a dangerous game — you never know what someone is going through in their life or with their health — so avoid body talk as best you can.

If you want to compliment someone, it's always nice to focus on something that a person has done intentionally....

Intuitive Eating

When we turn off diet culture, food is just food and eating is no longer a soap opera. Intuitive eating is the practice that can get you there.

Our bodies are wired to know how to eat and to know how to respond to our needs.

Intuitive eating is learning to trust our bodies. It's prior...

Befriending Your Body

A positive relationship with your body requires the same amount of work as any other relationship in your life: Take time to listen, pay attention to its needs and provide it with compassion.

Prioritize rest and listen to your body's cues, whether that's 'I'm craving something sweet

Let's say you spend just five minutes a day worrying about food or your body or your weight (and, living in the U.S., that's probably a conservative estimate) – that's 30 full hours a year dedicated to self-hatred. Why not disengage from this habit?

So many people will be freer and have mor...

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