What is an Interactive User Guide and what it can do for my business? - Deepstash
What is an Interactive User Guide and what it can do for my business?

What is an Interactive User Guide and what it can do for my business?


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What is an Interactive User Guide and what it can do for my business?

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So what is an interactive user guide?

A small rectangular pop-up window that presents a brief description of a specific element on a web page (image, button, form field, text).

A help message that interacts with user actions, providing on-page contextual assistance when using a software, website, or application. It allows automating customer support and onboarding, providing more autonomy to the user when using a new platform for the first time, or having doubts.


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The most common types of interactive user guides are product tours and tooltips.

Both are used directly on top of a web page or application so that users don’t need to search for instructions and learn while using a platform at the same time. These messages can be personalized to the user and recognize specific actions like a click or mouseover.


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Interactive user guides help automate customer support. They can answer common questions that don't require intelligence or decision-making. 67% of users prefer self-service than speaking with the company. 

This will reduce upcoming support calls and eliminate the need to create further documentation. If the user is lost and can't achieve a specific goal, they can access these helping points for real-time guidance.


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Interactive guides are versatile. It can be used to highlight new products and promotions to catch the user’s attention and generate interest. Furthermore, with better user experience, you 

will get more customer loyalty and marketing word of mouth. According to PWC, 73% of consumers say a good experience is key in influencing their brand loyalties.


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“In the world of internet customer service it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.” — Doug Warner

Users don’t like what they cannot understand. With so many competitors out there, it becomes crucial to provide an exceptional customer experience. And it all starts with your website.


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If you want to improve your employee onboarding strategy while reducing costs, you can use guides as on-page lectures. 

This way, new hires can learn while working on top of any corporate platform or website at any time, anywhere, and at their own pace.


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