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Why You Should Never Send Your CV via Gmail

Why You Should Never Send Your CV via Gmail


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Why You Should Never Send Your CV via Gmail

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The Gmail Email Writing Experience:

  • Gmail kills the most important aspect of a job application: free writing.
  • Your cover letter reveals your persona to future employers. Gmail’s writing suggestions setting masks it.
  • The whole idea behind Gmail’s auto-suggest is to make people productive with their mobile email experience. What if you are typing during a commute or a meeting? It really speeds up the process. Except that it tries to replace/mimic the messaging experience.
  • It’s not your Gmail account — it’s the recipient’s spam filter:


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Google is in the hiring business too.

  • Sent an email to your recruiter with a salary request? Gmail matches it up with their own employer database and uses it on https://hire.google.com/.
  • Did you just send an invoice to your client using Gmail? It could be used to optimize Google Pay for Businesses.


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