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How to Acquire Initial Clients for your B2B Startup

How to Acquire Initial Clients for your B2B Startup


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A startup is a company designed to grow fast…The only essential thing is growth. Everything else we associate with startups follows from growth.

Cold Email Outreach

The key to good “Cold Email Outreach” is not to come across as SPAM. Instead of trying to push a product or send a marketing message, keep the emails short and ask for help. Also, make sure you’re emailing the right person.

  1. Scrape lists of companies off the web 
  2. Create a list o...

Content of the email

Keep it personal, short, and non-promotional. The subject line “{first name} — quick question” generally yields a 70%+ Open Rate after 3 touches (3 emails).

Email content should be extremely brief: 2–3 sentences. Avoid formal language and business buzzwords.

Personally, I find that ta...

The goal of the email is not to sell your product or your idea; generally people don’t care what you’re pitching. The goal is to get them to click, or to get them on the phone. Emails should be composed with this goal in mind

Content Creation

  • Brainstorm topics that would be useful or interesting to your users
  • Think of how that content intersects with your product
  • Write down the search terms that your users would search to find this info
  • Use Google's Keyword Planner
  • Cross-reference with Google Trend...

Partnerships, Affiliate Marketing, and Marketplaces

Start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What products/companies exist in your space that have similar client bases, but are non-competitive?
  • Is there a group of professionals (i.e. marketers, developers, designers, data analysts) that would find your ...

  • Set up an incentive program for selling each other's product
  • Find a deal that makes sense for both parties
  • One time payout: A lump sum of money is paid to the affiliate per conversion
  • Recurring: If you have a subscription plan with your client, you pass a percentage o...

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