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Running in Circles

Running in Circles


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Running in Circles

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Deliberate resource allocation

There should be proper allocation of time and money in order to build a feature that protects the team so that they can focus on their assigned tasks. Too much distraction won't make the designers and developers make progress.

Only the management can protect the cycle of three (1 designer, 2 programmers) of which is rotated based on need. 


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A Mutable Requirement

Give the teams the power to redefine scope because they are able to differentiate what is essential and which aren't.


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Uphill strategies

Software development is not like moving a pile of stones from point A to point B.

Challenges come often and to be able to solve them is like going through an uphill phase where you try to figure out where you're going and then when you get to the top, you'll be able to see the other side and what it takes to finish.

Curiosity is an important regimen for a team because the only way to gain certainty is to engage with the reality of the problem.


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An agile team will not go very far if management does not protect their time. The team should have flexibility, especially the management because as the team learns, late nights and late deliveries are guaranteed. 


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