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21 Tiny Habits to Improve Your Life in 2021 Effortlessly

21 Tiny Habits to Improve Your Life in 2021 Effortlessly

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Micro Habits You Must Develop

Micro Habits You Must Develop

  1. Exercise for 1 minute after waking up,
  2. Refuse something once a week, make time for yourself,
  3. Organize & declutter your home, your space,
  4. Learn to manage money,
  5. Ask open-ended questions,
  6. Stand up every hour and have a glass of water,
  7. Turn off notifications,
  8. Make your bed in the morning itself,
  9. Focus on your posture,
  10. Read at least 10 minutes a day,
  11. Watch less news,
  12. Spend one minute alone with yourself,
  13. Invest in experiences, not objects,
  14. Ask whatever you're doing, is it worth it?


1.94K reads



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