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5 Things You Need to Do to Be in the Top 1%

5 Things You Need to Do to Be in the Top 1%


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5 Things You Need to Do to Be in the Top 1%

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Bias For Action

Break down your big plan into small actionable items. Set deadlines for each task and cut off all distractions till you complete your task list.


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Solving boss’s problems

Achieving your KRAs is one way of making your boss effective. What about understanding their pain points and solving them? Maybe they need help standardizing a process within your team where you can pitch in.


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Articulating better

Prepare a mind map of talking points before your meeting. Start with who is your audience and gauge their level of knowledge about the topic you are speaking about. It’s always best to assume they know nothing and simplify your main pointers. Similarly, do this before your start preparing for a presentation. Write down all points, divide your slides accordingly and highlight the key takeaway in each one.


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Staying autonomous

Try removing obstacles yourself before asking your boss for help. Never go to them with a problem — go to them with a list of possible solutions. Take your own decisions and keep them in the loop.


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Being Dynamic

Don’t get fixated on a problem and never complain to your manager about the changes in your scope of work. You can always ask for help in the beginning, but don’t be in a situation where your manager has to constantly motivate you to pick up the pieces and do your job.


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