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Establish the mindset that change is good

Because change often leads to a crisis, you and your team can easily see it as a negative, and approach it with fear. Yet if you think back to when your business started, you capitalized on change as your opportunity.

That's the model you need to project to your team daily, and remind yourself regularly.


Running an existing business is an all-consuming job: managing employees, vendors, and government regulations. It's hard to find time to really study the market for new trends, and listen to customers. The right approach is to allocate time, maybe an hour a day, for these critical change drivers.

In addition, it is important to stay actively involved in external activities relevant to your business, including industry conferences and panels.


Reminding yourself and the team annually of the big picture is the best way to check your ongoing fit to a changing world.

As a constant learner, your reminder will generate new insights that allow you to prepare for the future, without waiting for a crisis. Be sure to factor in the new realities.


People must be incented to look for and recommend positive changes, rather than just incentivized to follow the existing processes.

That means providing every employee with the authority and resources to make change decisions in their scope, and be rewarded based on value to the customer.


Make sure that you use data and expert outside advisors, more than your gut, to prioritize the alternatives for a change. Decisions made in the heat of the moment are likely ones you will regret later.

For your ongoing personal health and well-being, take the time to do the surveys and review data.


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