Freelancers are in demand

Increasingly, companies and organizations start hiring freelancers and remote workers. In 2019, Google had more freelance and contract workers than permanent employees. 50 % of Gen z and 44% of millennials are working independently.

Becoming a successful freelancer depends on more than the skills you offer. It is vital how you present yourself to your clients to help you stand out.


4 ways to build relationships with hiring managers and get more jobs

Honesty is essential for building long-lasting relationships with your hiring manager and clients.

Referrals are very helpful. If you don't have experience in a particular task, you should mention it. However, also state that you are willing to learn and do your best.


When you are setting out as an independant contractor, you may be lacking in some areas.

  • Setting specific goals will lead to higher performance. 
  • Setting realistic goals will show you are self-aware of your current skill set.
  • When applying for jobs, ensure you can provide the required deliverables and not underdeliver.


89% of people think effective communication is vital, while 80% of people would rate their business's communication as average or poor.

  • Ensure your communication is clear when it comes to understanding project requirements, the scope of work, responsibilities, dependencies on other people, etc.
  • Deadlines should be kept by both parties. This is best done with written and verbal communication.
  • Voice your concerns before saying yes to the proposal or contract. Ironing out the details will keep things organised.
  • Be curious. Ask how you can contribute to business success.



Business owners give out work because they need to focus on other things and not worry about the freelancer's ability to deliver work consistently and on time.

  • Consider how you show potential clients that you are consistent. One way is good reviews that show you are committed and consistent.
  • Avoid taking on too much when you start freelancing. Taking on too much can contribute to the inability to keep to your deadlines.


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