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How to Integrate TikTok Into Your Video Marketing Strategy

How to Integrate TikTok Into Your Video Marketing Strategy

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Tiktok: The Hottest New Kid On The Block

Tiktok: The Hottest New Kid On The Block

Although it’s one of the newest social media outlets, TikTok is now one of the most popular. This year alone, it has already surpassed Twitter in the number of active users and has completely changed the way we create and consume video content.

Creating videos on TikTok is easy. But more complex videos with better production and editing are going viral faster. Because of its sudden growth in popularity, businesses and entrepreneurs are utilizing the platform.


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A Massive Trend

TikTok has become a massive trend. Combined downloads on Apple App Store and Google Play have passed 2 billion. And there are over 500 million active users on the app every month.

Content on the platform consists of short 15 - 60 second user-recorded videos. TikTok even provides tools to edit videos directly in-app. The app provides users with multiple filters and special effects in addition to a massive library of music for video enhancement. And it integrates with other social media to make sharing and marketing easier.


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Your Audience

The biggest concern with any social media effort is whether or not your ideal customer is there. And though TikTok’s demographic originally consisted of ages 16 - 24, that is changing every day. So don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just for Gen Z because 2020 changed everything.

One report disclosed that females between 30 - 39 years old accounted for 13.8% of the user base on Android. As for gender usage, it varies worldwide. But in the U.S., women account for 61% of TikTok users. Another report states that the app raked in over $128 million in user spending.


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Using TikTok For Business

  • Before you start creating random content, take some time to look around. 
  • First, look at what other creators are doing. Look at influencers, other businesses and your competition.
  • Start by finding the patterns. What are they all doing? What sort of likes and engagement is that getting? What strategy and filters are they using? What hashtags are they using?
  • You’ll want to get an idea of what content is getting the most attention. 
  • Then create a personal account to experiment. Then take the time to figure out how the feeds work.


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Start Your TikTok Influencer Journey

  1. Try different types of content
  2. Plan your content, keeping in mind the Apps most used sections
  3. Be real and do not just do hard advertising.
  4. Add some great music.


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