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The science of meditation

The science of meditation

Experience based neuroplasticity - brain continuously makes or strengthens some connections & breaks or weakens other. 

Meditation can significantly alter our experiences of stress & change our brain

  • Function - In a Yale study, fMRI showed the amygdala (part of brain involved in the experience of negative emotions) was less active during stress in people who meditated.
  • Structure - A Harvard study showed it also increased density of the amygdala. (Chronic stress can cause the hyperactive amygdala to become bigger in size).


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4. Meditation

4. Meditation

According to study by Sara Lazar from Harvard University it improve the density of gray matter in the following areas of the brain.

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Length of meditation time

The length of meditation will impact on how successful it will be.

  • One study reported 5 hours' worth of meditation over a two-week period was enough for smokers to reduce their intake.
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