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1. Art of accepting change

1. Art of accepting change

Accepting Any kind of change is not a "quick fix". Rather, it is more about continuously training your mind to think the right way & accept changes efficiently.


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Benefits of change management

Benefits of change management

Change management reduces the risk that a new system or other change will be rejected by the enterprise.

By itself, it does not reduce costs or increase sales. Instead, it increases the teamwork required for the enterprise accept the change and operate more efficiently.

Quantum Change

Quantum Change

• Proactive people work on the things they can do something about.

• Management is doing THINGS RIGHT; leadership is doing the RIGHT THINGS.

• A paradigm is a way to “see” the world.

• We see the world, not as it is, but as we are conditioned to...

Intelligence Is The Ability To Change

Intelligence Is The Ability To Change

If you have never changed your mind about some fundamental belief or assumption that was held in your mind for years or decades, or if you have never questioned the basics, then you may be ignorant. Every process of transformation begins with a change of the mind.

Life is a series...

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