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Being Human

Asking something specific and humorous to a stranger is a risk, but if the timing is right, one can give a great first impression about being complex, empathetic, humourous and human.

Once the stranger recognizes you as a human, a bond is created and real conversation can start.


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Conversation starters to connect with anyone you meet.

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How to avoid awkward silences

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Being Human

Be human and come across as vulnerable, to form lasting connections.

Being congenial and polite in a business conversation is great, but one has to sound authentic and not simply provide lip service just to be part of the team.

Avoiding discomfort

Avoiding discomfort

The first step in the process of developing great rapport and having great conversations is letting the other person know that there is an end in sight, and it is really close.

When you approach someone to start a conversation most people assess the situation for threat be...

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The Little Known Skill Of Conversations

Asking good, effective questions is a powerful but little known tool to get the most helpful information, facilitate learning and improve interpersonal bonding.

In many cases, asking the right questions depends on complex dynamics and type of interaction, but there are some general guideli...

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