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Value to community members

The value that community members derive from community-as-a-service type business can be broken down into:

  1. Learning from the content creator: the direct transfer of knowledge and skills from the creator of the community to the audience.
  2. Learning from the community: the opportunity to interact with like-minded people and exchange ideas in a peer-to-peer network.
  3. Building your network: providing valuable content to other community members with the goal of building your own community-as-a-service.


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Community-as-a-service is the phenomenon where access to a group of people is valuable enough that it can be considered a marketable product.

Every community-as-a-service comprises two elements: 

  1. A founder (or founders) who creates original conte...

How To Create A Good Community

How To Create A Good Community

  1. Create something worth building a community around. A good enough product may even form its own community independently.
  2. Identify the groups of people forming around your products and recruit them to build a community.
  3. Assign someone the task of buildi...

Build the Foundation of Community

  1. Form the a community’s Identity: Carefully choose 10 potential members who fit the community identity you envision. They’ll set the standard of quality and the tone for everyone else.
  2. Earn Trust: The members can’t trust a community that doesn’t yet exist, but they can t...

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