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Social proof

Social proof

The more the number of people doing it, the more we believe that the behavior is correct.

  • Canned laughter
  • Tip jars

To prevent falling for this you should recognize when the social proof is deliberately faked.


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  • Ever wonder why TV shows use laugh tracks. It’s so you know when to laugh.
  • People will more likely say yes when they see other people doing it too. This is amplified in situations of uncertainty, where we look to others for cues on what we should do.
  • Humans are social by n...

Social compliance and Social proof

Social compliance refers to how we respond to people in authority or to those who have the appearance of competence and expertise.

Social proof refers to how we look for cues around us to know how to behave. This can be easily used against us by manipulating our environment t...

Leverage Social Proof

When we see that someone else has had a good experience with a service, we want to enjoy the same, and we trust info that comes from other users more than info that comes directly from brands.

  1. Use social proof to inspire your copy: Reviews & customer surveys can help y...

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