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Reasons to practice mindfulness

  • Understand your pain. Mindfulness can help you reshape your relationship with mental and physical pain.
  • Connect better. Mindfulness helps you give your full attention to people you interact with.
  • Lower stress. 
  • Focus your mind. Meditation hones our innate ability to focus.
  • Reduce brain chatter, that nattering, chattering voice in our head seems never to leave us alone. 


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What's this mindfulness everyone is talking about?

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How to Be More Mindful

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How to focus on the present moment

How to improve relationships through mindful communication

How to reduce stress and anxiety through mindfulness

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Other Tips To Practice Mindfulness

Other Tips To Practice Mindfulness

  • For those who tend to get "antsy" during meditation, there are other ways to ease into the practice of mindfulness.
  • Gardening, listening to music, and even cleaning the house can become a practice in mindfulness if you take the rig...



Meditation improves your attention, focus, self-awareness, and lower your stress levels.

Meditating for even just a few minutes every day will help you to clear your head while activating the areas of your brain related to decision-making and emotions.

SOUL #1 Meditation or Mindful Practice

SOUL #1 Meditation or Mindful Practice

The mind is loud, and so it always gets our attention. The soul is quiet, so oftentimes we forget to feel it.

Meditation can help connect with your soul, it has multiple body benefits but it also improves mental clarity. 

So take a deep breath right now, and remember that you ...

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