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Avoid jumping right into business

Ask questions to better understand the person and his/her motivations and values. 

Start with open-ended questions about family, pursuits outside of work, why they joined your organization, and why they have stayed. And share your own story.


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Teacher for special educational needs

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Tips For Better Listening

Tips For Better Listening

  • Use your eyes – To better understand others, pay attention to body language clues, such as your conversation partner protectively crossing his or her arms.
  • Embrace a “beginner’s mind” – Remain open-minded, letting go of any assumptions of your own ...

Observe People Interacting With Products

Observe People Interacting With Products

  • Pay attention to micro details and ask yourself why people react to your product the way they do
  • Observe their facial expressions as they try various aspects of your product, and try to spot moments when they're hesitant, confused, excited, etc.
  • In those moments, ask open-...

Cultivate an effective network

  • Ask questions. Instead of thinking of selling yourself, focus on the other person. Invite someone to share about themselves by asking open-ended questions.
  • Listen well. Give all your attention to your conversations, listen without interruption, and...

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