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Four Ways To Re-Energize A Stressed-Out, Burnt-Out Team

Four Ways To Re-Energize A Stressed-Out, Burnt-Out Team

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Reinforce The Vision

Reinforce The Vision

When a team is experiencing adversity, unify them around common objectives and show their effort’s impact on the organization and the lives of others to revive their sense of purpose.

Find ways to remind your team of what they enjoy about their jobs and the value they add to others' lives. When people are inspired, they will look beyond themselves and work with passion to pursue the goals set before them, and both the individual and the organization will be better for it.

Have Fun Together

Have Fun Together

During times of stress, intentionally building relationships and creating positive experiences within your team is vital.

Plan team-building activities, or even a simple happy hour. Incorporating fun activities into your team’s work-life will help them feel less overwhelmed by the stressors of the work environment.

Fight For Your Team

Fight For Your Team

Ensure your team knows through your actions and words that you have their backs. 

Whether it's ensuring resources or acknowledgment for their efforts, standing up for your employees shows them that you are focused on their well-being and recognize their value. This builds loyalty and trust, and it certainly improves morale on your team and contributes to a more positive working environment, especially in periods of crisis.

Create a Positive Subculture

Create a Positive Subculture

The dominant culture of an organization can be stressful for your team, but as a leader, you can create a more positive subculture for your employees. A subculture forms when a group within a larger society has its own shared set of customs, attitudes, and values.

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