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How to Get Employees to Participate in Well-Being Programs

Strategies organizations can implement to maximize the investments made in employee well-being by boosting employee participation in offered programs:

  1. Increase employee understanding of well-being needs and offerings.
  2. Reduce well-being stigma and apathy.
  3. Reduce the time and effort needed to participate in well-being programs.

Succeeding in this effort is good for employees and the business: 48% of employees who utilize well-being programs report being highly engaged, compared to 30% of employees who do not.


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The Time/Effort Needed To Participate In Well-Being Programs

Among all employees who indicated they could have participated in a physical well-being program in 2020 but didn’t, 38% said it was because they were too busy.

This is particularly concerning, as those most in need of well-being support often have the least time or energy.

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