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Mental Health issues are on the list:

A longitudinal study of the costs and benefits of procrastination, performance and stress found that “procrastination is a self-defeating behaviour pattern characterized by short-term benefits and long-term costs, including an increase in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem”.


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How To Stop Wasting Time

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Creating a productive schedule

Avoiding procrastination

Prioritizing tasks effectively

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Mental Health on the Rise

Mental Health on the Rise

Mental health issues are on the rise globally, due to a complex life that has us pursue perfection in every aspect of our lives.

Cases of chronic depression and anxiety are normally treated using antidepressants and therapy, but they may have a limited effect.

Positive Mental Health

A person with underlying and invisible mental health issues is likely to get triggered by any event.

Like the straw that broke a camel’s back, a person’s current mindset and problems can project a new problem in a distorted way, making even a small event feel overwhelming. This leads t...

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