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Biological Prime Time

  • Biological prime time(BPT) is all about maximizing your productivity when your brainpower is at its peak. Some people work best in the morning while others in the evening.
  • The concept of prime time aims at the most fundamental of systems which is our actions.
  • BPT is when you should create your Strategic Objective, General Operating Principles, and Working Procedures. Of course, after your initial Work the System documentation is complete, BPT will continue to be there for whatever takes focus, whatever takes the most concentration. You will learn to cherish these golden hours.


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"Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste. " ~ Benjamin Franklin

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Work At Your BPT (Biological Prime Time)

Work At Your BPT (Biological Prime Time)

Getting into flow state is hard if you are low on energy.

Your 'Biological Prime Time' is the time of the day when you have the most energy, and therefore the greatest potential to be productive. To

Biological Prime Time

Biological Prime Time

Time commitment to get started: High

Type: Abstract, visual

Perfect for people who: Love data and self-experimentation and want to optimize their days for maximum productivity.

What it does: Tracks your biologic...

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