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What it teaches the upcoming chefs.

What it teaches the upcoming chefs.

Mise en place means working clean. Everything done with mise en place mindset is done to make your performance cleaner, consistent and organized. This starts by putting everything in place and start working backward. In the cooking world if you are trying to cook a specific meal for a specific amount of people. You need to have that information before you start.

You need to plan for the ingredients you need to buy, make sure you have the utensils you need to cook with and properly estimate cooking time. Working backward allows you to make a checklist for the entire meal with end in mind. 


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How to apply it even if you don't plan to cook a single day in your life.

How to apply it even if you don't plan to cook a single day in your life.

Mise en place as a mindset is making cooking the least of your worries. Because putting everything in your place is all about preparations. Working clean as a goal is 100% connected to how meticulously you've prepared every element that you need in order to cook the meal. It's not about just havi...


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Mise en place = put everything in place

Mise en place = put everything in place

Mise en place[mee-zahn-plos] is a french term that loosely translates to "put in its place"

The term is the all encompassing lifestyle/mantra that is followed by all cooks and chefs in the restaurant industry.

The term is coined by Georges Auguste Escoffier,


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Generalist. Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

How to avoid struggles with performance by taking real world examples from the kitchen

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"Mise En Place ": Reducing Friction

Essentially, chefs don’t start cooking until everything is, literally, in its place: their instruments and spices are organized, everything is clean, their ingredients are pre-chopped, their ingredients are pre-measured, etc.

Mise en place helps chefs reduce the friction they expe...

Learning from the culinary world

From early on, chefs and cooks are trained in the art of mise-en-place. In preparation for a particular dish, every single item needed is in front of them before they even turn the water to a boil. They know what ingredients need to be added first and whi...

Common Mistakes

  • Not making time to assess the mess. If you can, build in 15 minutes at the end of the day to put everything back where it belongs.
  • Confusing the process of throwing away with actually getting organized. Organizing is putting systems in place to find what you need when y...

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