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Hit All the Areas of Concern

Hit All the Areas of Concern

The job of an executive is to focus on the bigger picture of an organization. They deal in vision and strategy, not implementation and execution. That’s why your presentation needs to focus on the what and why, not the how.


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The 3 Stages of Failure

  1. Failure of Tactics - the HOW mistakes: failure to execute on a good plan and a clear vision.
  2. Failure of Strategy - the WHAT mistakes: when you follow a strategy that fails to deliver the results you want.
  3. Failure of Vision

Zoom Out

Zoom Out

Instead of focusing on the details, sometimes it’s helpful to zone out and look at the bigger picture. So try answering the "why" questions:

  • Why are you doing this project?
  • How does it affect the overall bottom line of your organization?
  • Why are you wor...

Focus On The Audience

  • It can be a challenge to explain to an eleven-year-old about capitalism, but if we know how small the kid is, we would likely use language that the kid can understand.
  • Focusing on the audience is key to most presentations, and many people fail because they focus only on what matter...

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