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Reactant and how can it be utilized in your designs

A reactant is when you make users do something they tend to do the opposite of what you want.

So don't just tell someone to do something rather offer them some value or prompt them to come to the decision by themselves.


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Daring To Be Vulnerable

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Make It Clear You Want Help

... and be specific about what you want.

Don't use phrases like “Can you do me a favor? ", because they are manipulative - they force someone to commit before you tell them what it is you need. A simple “Can you help me with [specific thing]?” will do.

Brainstorm your goals

Find your goals. Without them, it is impossible to prioritize your tasks. Try to set 90-day goals, which is long enough to make meaningful progress. Questions to prompt goals:

  • What’s the one thing you could do that makes everything else easier or unnecessary?

Ask How You Can Add Value

Ask How You Can Add Value

No one knows better than themselves what they value. You’ll be surprised how many opportunities come up to connect people when you know what they actually prioritize.

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