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The Super-Secret Enemy

The Super-Secret Enemy

  • This is the voice that settles for mediocrity, and which sees life as a sad collection of misfortunes, with a few laughs if you’re lucky.
  • The source of this self-loathing is, in some ways, the Secret Enemy. The more preoccupied we are with ourselves, the more we obsess over private happiness.


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Defeating Hate with Love.

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The Definitive Guide to Hygge

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How to create a cosy and comfortable home environment

How to cultivate a sense of gratitude and contentment

The benefits of slowing down and enjoying simple pleasures

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We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

Self-loathing is real and surprisingly common. We sometimes hate ourselves more than any person could. This phenomenon takes many shapes:

  1. Anticipating something bad to happen after something good has happened, with an assumption that your happiness will be followed by misery.

The Happiness Consumerism

The Happiness Consumerism

The brain is in pursuit of happiness, and because it is much more preoccupied with the future than the present, it sees happiness as an assurance of a future with pleasures, that must be cramped into the span of a few years.

And the “brainy” economy...

A Secret Weapon for Blooming

A Secret Weapon for Blooming

The good news is that self-doubt, odd as it may sound, is actually a secret weapon for blooming. When properly managed, it can help combat complacency and improve our preparation and performance. It drives us to question results, experiment with new strategies, and be open to alt...

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