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Get to The Root of Your Burnout

Get to The Root of Your Burnout

Determine what's causing burnout.

Limit meetings, triage important tasks, reconnect with colleagues, have more control over your schedule, and foster more communication with your manager

If the workplace is truly toxic, you should feel empowered to quit.


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Thinker. Hipster-friendly coffee advocate. Infuriatingly humble organizer.

Changing the company won't work until you first identify the root cause of your problems.

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Countering The Great Resignation

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Ways to counter the Great Resignation

Strategies for making better decisions

Tips for giving effective feedback

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Battle Burnout in Your Company for Good

Battle Burnout in Your Company for Good

  1. Be vulnerable with your customers. If you're adopting initiatives to prioritize employees' wellbeing, proactively let your customers know. It helps set expectations for how they can work with you, but it also gives them transparency into your culture, values, and priorities...

How To Recover From Burnout: Reorganize Your Goal Hierarchy

As losing resources is more likely to cause burnout than gaining resources is to mitigate it, dealing with the negative aspects is more beneficial than using positive “band-aid” fixes. You want to drive down uncertainty and inefficiency to ensure that you aren’t doing unn...

How To Recover From Burnout: Balance Your Obligations And Desires

Performing obligations makes you want to do desired activities to compensate, which often leads to failures in self-control and feelings of inadequacy. It’s important to not overwhelm yourself with obligations so you don’t lose control later and incur in inefficiency.

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