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How to run the hiring process

  1. Have a written hiring process and ensure everyone has a paper copy of it. Many startups have a random hiring process and hire randomly.
  2. Do basic skills tests. Ask them basic questions about how to do things in their domain. For a sales rep, have them sell you on your product all the way to a closed deal. For a marketing person, have them whiteboard out a launch for your new product. 
  3. Plan out and write down interview questions.
  4. Pay attention to the little details during the interview process to show what the person will be like.
  5. Pay attention to the small things during the reference calls.


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Use the hiring process as your cue

Pay attention to the following points during the remote hiring process.

  • Organisation. Is the hiring process disorganised and full of misunderstanding and frustrations, or do they have streamlined systems that show evident respect for your time?
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The interviewing process gives valuable insight

The interviewing process gives valuable insight

When job seekers apply for a position, they often have to jump through more hoops to prove themselves than in the past. Many companies demand drawn-out and multiple steps in the interview process that seem like a job in itself.

How a company treats you during the interview process ...

The Interview Performance

  • Usually, a typical job interview has the employer(s) sit in a room (or a video conference software) and make them answer unstructured questions, gauging their ability to charm them, and appear as the right fit by feeling like ‘one of the gang’. The candidate is selected or rejected base...

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