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Do memories cause you pain?

Practice being in the present moment.

Turn your attention to the here and now.

Notice that your thoughts subside when you focus on the present.

As your thoughts quiet so, too, the memories.

Because memories are, in essence, thoughts.



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What you need to know before practicing

What you need to know before practicing

  1. Its free: Practicing mindfulness is free, you don't need anything for it.
  2. There is no way to quiet your mind: It is not the goal to quiet your mind, all your're tying to do is paying attention to the present moment without judgement.
  3. ...

Being in The Now

Living passionately means living in the now, in the present moment. 

It means not being distracted on your phone, but being engaged in what you love doing. It means interacting with others deeply and fully, giving all your attention and focus.

Reconnect with your intuition

To tap into your intuition, try these simple practices:

  • Mindfulness - focus on the present moment and observe your thoughts without judgment.
  • Meditation - sit in a quiet space and focus on your breath or a specific intention.
  • Journaling - write down your thoughts, feeli...

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