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"The more we work in a rapidly changing world, where we're not exactly sure what we should do next, or what work will look like next year or in five years or years, the more we want those people who have had a broad view and can kind of draw different stories of knowledge.

And one of the ways I think about operationalizing that is essentially having a short term mindset.


We're essentially telling someone to choose for a person they don't yet know who is gonna be working in a world they can't yet conceive.

Compare yourself to yourself yesterday and proceed that way"



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Business Administration and Management Student | Blockchain, DEFI & Web3 | Social Worker | "Fix the money & fix the world."

Through this video, the best-seller author, David Epstein, demonstrates why divergent thinkers (or generalists) beat prodigies in the actual changing world.

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The Definitive Guide to Hygge

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