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Improving your inner world

Three main ways to build the foundation of your inner life is:

  • Build order: Build a routine centred around activities you care about, to turn isolation into enjoyable solitude. This can be done by creating habits for your exercise, personal projects, reading and learning new skills.
  • Create drive: If you find a passion or sense of meaning in your daily routine, isolation is easier to enjoy. The best way to create a drive is to set goals and plans of action to accomplish them. The goals need to be connected to something that interests you. Goals can't replace a social life, but they can help you through temporary isolation.
  • Find meaning: If you can create a purpose for your current isolation, it will help you move through any obstacle. It could even be to increase your independence or give you a better appreciation for your relationships.


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10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will

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29. Embrace your willpower

  • Know you have willpower, it can be developed like a muscle.

30. Perform your little rituals

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Things Your Inner Child Might Need

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