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Athletic performance

Adults is between 7 and 9 hours a night, and athletes may benefit from as many as 10 hours.

  • Sleep is as important to athletes as consuming enough calories and nutrients

Effects of better sleep:

  1. Intensity
  2. More energy
  3. Coordination
  4. Speed
  5. Mental functioning.

Boosts our productivity

Sleep is important for various aspects of brain function

  • concentration
  • Cognition
  • Productivity
  • Performance

Good sleep can maximize problem solving skills and enhance memory.

Even productivity king Elon musk gets 6 hours of sleep per night.

Weight gain

Studies have shown that poor sleep patterns have linked to obesity.

Short sleep duration may affect the person's ability to maintain healthy lifestyle


  • Increases social intelligence
  • Increases emotional intelligence

Sleep helps recognizing other people's expression.

Overall improving your lifestyle.

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Recently, having not enough sleep made me search this up to inspire me to sleep better, no matter how busy I am- that's an issue with my time planning and not sleep deprivation. Otherwise it becomes one big cycle 🔄